Publications form

The “Publications form” is the summary of the information about your selected project to be published by Cartoon. Please review the information on your check-list Forum MyChecklist, checking each element as listed below.

Elements to validate 
Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Are all co-producers listed? 
  • Are all directors included? 

Other elements to check:

  • Title 
  • Duration & number of episodes 
  • Animation technique(s)
  • Producer(s) & co-producer(s) information 
  • Name(s) of the director(s) 
  • Name of the author & adaptation information 
  • Target audience
  • Synopsis (in English, max. 700 characters, spaces included)
  • Transmedia

See screenshots here and here of the display of a project in the mobile app.

➢ 2 June: Validation of the information on the due page (