Cartoon Business 2021 Conference on European Animation - The Business Challenges of the Next Decade
08 – 10 Dec 21
Gran Canaria (Spain)

Due to the continuing spread of the coronavirus and the global increase in safety measures, Cartoon’s direction has taken the decision to cancel Cartoon Business 2020. It will happen from 8 to 10 December 2021 in Gran Canaria (Spain).

Cartoon Business is a top-level seminar focusing on the new generation models of financing and revenues brought about by the changes in the production and distribution markets.

How to take advantage of new financial opportunities and how to secure stronger partnerships with digital platforms?  

Based on case studies and experts’ advice, Cartoon Business will look into today’s fundraising and revenue streams for animated series, including new opportunities with VOD services, book publishers, financiers, broadcasters and digital content creators.

"It was probably
the most relevant and
informative event
I've attended for the TV area."
Eamon McElwee

Absolutely Cuckoo (Ireland)

“I believe that a producer
in Europe should attend
such events on a yearly basis,
if not even more often”.
Jaka Oman, Invida (Slovenia)

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