Our Host Town: Tampere

Welcome to Tampere Finland!

Located in the heart of Finland. Easy to reach, work and create. Tampere is internationally known as a city of technology, often going in the forefront of development. Thousands of congress delegates and over one million travelers visit Tampere every year.

The industrial structure of Tampere is versatile. Today Tampere can be described as a centre of leading-edge technology and creative industries. The region offers the best platform to create high-class audiovisual and technology productions. Tampere has strong professionalism in post-production and special effects, editing and sound design, motion capture and 3D compositing as well as virtual and augmented reality. Mediapolis with leading production services, facilities and two media schools with young rising talents is the modern media hub of the region.

According to us Finns, Tampere is the most loved residential city in Finland. It is a way of life that takes you along. The secret of Tampere is its originality. Tampere is a functional entity in a compact size.

Tampere is defined by a few unique characteristics: it is surrounded by two beautiful lakes and eskers and there’s always something new and innovative going on. The centre of the city is dominated by industrial heritage ; the national landscape of Tammerkoski rapids and historical red brick buildings. But in Tampere we don’t look back, and therefore construction sites are often seen in everyday street life. At the moment, the Finland’s largest multipurpose arena, the first Marriott hotel in Finland and a tramway are being constructed in Tampere.

From the cultural point of view, Tampere is defined by our local treats of black sausage with lingonberry sauce and the world’s best doughnuts, morning coffee at Laukontori Market Square enjoyed in a small lake breeze and the fact that we are the Sauna Capital of the World.

Tampere is a state of mind!

More information on www.businesstampere.com