Spotlight on The Netherlands

Rising with the tide

The Netherlands have a very special relationship with water, and no wonder, as the majority of the country is situated below sea level. Since the country’s earliest days, the Dutch have mastered the water as international seafarers and innovative engineers alike. Not only do they still sail the seven seas, skate on frozen water, they are also at the cutting edge of creating land where there was none before. Water plays a crucial role in the work of many Dutch animation artists and with over 20 animated features in the pipeline and several animated series in the making, the tide is on the rise. Surveying the field, it’s clear that Dutch animation producers are bursting with ambition and are surging ahead like a tidal wave.

Well-known for their artistic boldness, Dutch productions always make gutsy choices. These filmsfeel the need to colour outside the lines, ensuring that Dutch animation stays fresh and innovative. But there’s more to animation than sheer style, and Dutch cinema has a proven track record in tackling serious issues without becoming heavy or preachy.

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The Netherlands is home to a vibrant film industry with an open attitude towards international production. The Dutch audiovisual industry has a lot to offer. An array of passionate animation production companies, studios, high-end VFX/postproduction houses, and companies that offer topnotch sound, voice, or software services. The Dutch also have their eyes on the future with a hub of VR and games companies. With their efficient yet flexible way of working, doing business with the no-nonsense Dutch is reliable and smooth. Just as smooth is their physical and digital infrastructure. Their professional attitude makes it possible to deliver remarkable value for money. Though small in size, the Netherlands has always had a radically outsized impact on the world, its internationally oriented citizens well versed in world languages and global networking.


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The Netherlands Film Fund grants support to animated shorts, animated features and animated high-end TV series, most of which are international co-productions. As the national agency supporting film production in the Netherlands, the Film Fund offers various selective support schemes and also handles the Film Production Incentive, offering a cash rebate of up to 35% on production costs spent in the Netherlands. Over 300 productions including animated projects have been supported by the Cash rebate since its start in 2014. The Creative Industries Fund is supporting animation and digital culture projects on a regular base and the Dutch broadcasters can operate as clients, buyers or (co-)producers.

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The year 2019 is shaping up to be a watershed moment in Dutch animation, with many pitches at Cartoon Movie for animated feature projects initiated in the Netherlands: “Miss Moxy” (Bosbros), “Pat & Mat: The Film” (Lemming Film), “Benjamin Bat” (Il luster), “The King and the Thief” (Illuster), “Sisterhood of the Meadow” (Studio Pupil) and  “In the Forest” (Submarine). But there is more. ‘Undone’ for Amazon Studios by creative director Hisko Hulsing is one of several highly anticipated high-end animated series. It will be released in 2019.

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