About 1200 1-2-1 meetings at Cartoon Connection Canada!

About 1200 1-2-1 meetings at Cartoon Connection Canada!


This morning, we had 3 keynotes by main producers about how to best pitch a project, gamification & animation, and a case study of a coproduction between Europe and Canada.

This afternoon, we started the one-to-one meetings. About 1200 meetings will take place in total during Cartoon Connection between +110 companies from 27 countries.

Moreover, the one-to-one meetings are a great opportunity to make European-Canadian partnerships which allows both producers to submit their project to the biggest European coproduction platforms: Cartoon Forum for the TV series and Cartoon Movie for the long features.

At Cartoon Forum 2018, 5 projects in co-production with Canada have been pitched, and the 2 winners projects of the Cartoon Connection Awards 2017 have been well-received by the public: "The Galactic Postman" by Urbania and "Jax" by Squeeze. 

First pictures - Cartoon Connection Canada