Cartoon Movie will be digital

Cartoon Movie will be digital


A year ago, the news had just spread: we were discovering a virus named Covid-19, today it has become a day-to-day reality. 2021 is a new year, vaccination has started, and the hope for a return to a semi-normal life is now more real than ever.
We would have loved to be able to announce with drum rolls that we were finally going to be able to meet each other "in real life": pitching, discussing, laughing, drinking and eating all together. Unfortunately, the possibility to gather again in real-life will take a few more months. Cartoon Movie – held in March – still arrives a bit too soon: the time of reunion is not there yet.
Our adventurous path will continue with a Cartoon Movie in digital version.
This decision has of course some consequences, which we explain below.

1. Reduced fee for the digital edition

For this digital edition, the cost of the registration fee will be 150 € excluding VAT (instead of 950 € excluding VAT). 
If you want your contact information to be displayed in the e-catalogue, please register before 11 February 2021 :
➤ create your account or login into MyCartoon on our website
➤ go to “My Registrations” / Cartoon Movie 2021

2. Pitches recorded in English (or with subtitles) 

As for Cartoon Forum in 2020, we’re asking the producers to record their pitch as a video presentation in English or in any another language, but with English subtitles.

3. A new digital platform

Because constant evolution has become our daily lot, we have once again imagined a format that is a little bit different from our previous events. The experience of 2020 will not have been in vain and we are taking advantage of this learning to bring you a new digital platform and possibilities to communicate online.
The platform will be available already on 8 March, registered participants will receive a link to join. Cartoon Movie starts on 9 March.

  • As for Cartoon Forum, the recorded pitches will be put online as the programme of the event progresses.Participants can then watch them at their convenience until 31 March.
  • An “Extra Time Corner” is organized right after each pitch so that participants can meet producers. A virtual meeting room dedicated to each project will be accessible via a link under the video of the pitch. The “Extra Time Corner” opens at the end of the pitch and remains open for 30 minutes.
  • feedback form is available after each viewing. The link to the form is placed under the video of the pitch or at the end of the video itself. Participants’ feedback is very important for producers, we encourage them to send remarks and advice.
  • Exchanges with the Cartoon Movie 2021 Community will be possible by sending private chat messages between participants.

The platform also offers a news feed where the various activities and news will be highlighted so that you do not miss any of Cartoon Movie live event.

4. The mobile application for projects 

“Cartoon – Pitching Events” mobile application will be available and ready to install as soon as March 1st. That day, you will receive your login and password.

Login and password

  • For people who have participated in a Cartoon event since September 2020, the application is still available (with the login and password already provided to you, and that we will send again). You still have access and for a duration of 3 years to the projects of the events in which you have participated. Cartoon Movie projects will appear in the application on March 1st.
  • For people who have not attended any Cartoon events since September 2020, the app will be available on March 1st. You will then receive your login and password by email.

Features of the app

  • The Cartoon mobile application allows you to check all information regarding the projects, as well as to create a personalized agenda. 
  • The project’s trailer that is usually presented during the Croissant Show, can be viewed in the app.
  • A “Request Meeting” button allows you to contact the producer of a project directly by email.
  • The feedback form is also included (as well as in the digital platform). In addition to feedback, it also allows you to request the script and presentation of a project via email.

➤ All these functions allow you, a week in advance, to prepare meetings with producers you’re interested in working with.

5. The e-catalogue, the "Who Is Coming" web section and the digital agenda

  • On March 1st, we will send you the link to download thee-catalogue where, as every year, the participants' directory will be found.
  • The"Who Is Coming" section on our website continues to be updated very regularly.
  • Theagenda will not be printed but will be available on the website (in downloadable PDF), on the digital platform, and in the application

6. Cartoon Games & Transmedia 

Cartoon Games is a gathering between animation producers, video game companies and other transmedia actors; it will take place on Tuesday 9 March from 2 PM to 7 PM.
If you are interested, please specify when registering: on the form, on the first page "Personal Details", please check the box "Yes I register for Cartoon Games".
To attend Cartoon Games, please register before 11 February.
The keynotes - 2 PM-3:15 PM
This year, you’ll be able to watch the two keynotes via the digital platform:
- "Reducing environmental impact in animation production" by Quentin Laurens (Qarnot Computing / France)
- "From watercolor to interactivity, a Transmedia journey with Dordogne" by Cédric Babouche (Un Je ne sais quoi / France) & Aymeric Castaing (Umanimation & CATS / France)
The One-to-one meetings - 3:30 PM-7 PM
During our events in “real life”, Cartoon organizes one-to-one meetings for people who wish to meet with video game companies, publishers, etc. 
For this online version, we offer you a similar experience. Based on your choices, Cartoon will send you a list of meetings organized with the different companies that interest you. At the appointed time, all you need to do is connect with your interlocutor via the digital platform for a video call of 20 minutes max..


If you want to register for the online version, find all details in Registration