Final day at Cartoon Springboard 2020 Online

Final day at Cartoon Springboard 2020 Online


Yesterday 6 projects were pitched for this final day at Cartoon Springboard

  • Trip To The Antarctic – Eva Pérez Misa (ES)
  • Brimstone - Knisper (NL) – Kevin Hemelaar, Coen Balkestein & Dara Dharmaperwira (NL)
  • The Beekeepers – Alba Matarazzo & Marco Maldonato (IT)
  • What it Takes - Les Astronautes (FR) – Kelsi Phung & Fabien Corre (FR)
  • The Blue Weddings – Samia Dzaïr (FR)
  • Headless Mike - Cardel Entertainment (IE) – Natasza Cetner / PL & Carla Mooney (IE)

We've heard strong voices, committed words and insightful advice. We've seen colorful universes, a diversity celebrated with passion and very personal graphic styles.

Despite everyone being separated by a screen, we found a great dynamic and real human exchange. We would have loved to hug you all in the end!

Don't forget that you can watch the replays of the pitches until 13 November. Networking is still on, follow up the great contacts you've made during these 3 days. We hope to hear soon about the results of this year.

See you next year – in real in Valencia!