First day at Cartoon 360 Online

First day at Cartoon 360 Online


Our first day at Cartoon 360 has allowed us to discover 5 projects with transmedia ambitions ("Troll Karl and Lillan", "The Very Hairy Alphabet", "The Lazahars - Voyage through the Athanor", "Badaboo", "Hey Fuzzy Yellow") and 1 very interesting case study ("Gigantosaurus" presented by Pierre Sissmann from Cyber Group Studios, a leading producer and distributor of animated series and developer of global entertainment brands for children and families worldwide).

Pierre Sissmann (CEO from Cyber Group Studios) delivered a complete, very informed case study with great facts and figures to understand how they managed and developed the IP around "Gigantosaurus". It's worth mentioning also that Cyber Group Studios has headquarters in Paris, two production studios in Paris and Roubaix, and offices in Los Angeles. The company has progressively grown its organization to enable a complete transmedia exploitation of its intellectual properties with its in-house divisions in charge of media distribution, interactive games, digital-to- consumer, theatrical and consumer products

4 projects were previously pitched at Cartoon Forum (our pitching event for Animated TV series): "The Very Hairy Alphabet" & "Hey Fuzzy Yellow" in 2020, "Badaboo" in 2016, and "Gigantosaurus" in 2015. They all could demonstrate already great branding and solid transmedia possibilities, even for the projects pitched in 2020.


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