First day at Cartoon Business Tampere: 18 top-level speakers took the floor!

Cartoon Business started on Tuesday 23 April with our traditional Welcome Dinner. The participants networked in a relaxed atmosphere, on the top floor of the restaurant Näsinneula, the highest place you can dine in the Nordic countries with a spectacular 360 view.

This morning, a hundred participants attended the opening keynote of Sarah Muller from Sony Pictures Entertainment (Vice-President of Children's and Youth Programming). Sarah gave her take on how kids TV can remain central to building the right connections with their audience.

During this first day, 18 international speakers (broadcasters, financiers, distributors, business strategists, etc.) took the floor at Cartoon Business Tampere and looked into details at Animation in Finland, finding and funding your growth model, content for international market, broadcasters' challenges, private investments, evolution of a heritage brand...

After the conferences, we had the opportunity to visit the exhibition opening at the Moomin Museum: "The Moomin Animations - Thrills and Cuddles".

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