History and stories at 16th Cartoon Movie

History and stories at 16th Cartoon Movie

Cartoon Movie was officially opened by the CNC's new President, Mrs Frédérique Bredin. In her opening speech in front of 750 animation professisonals, Mrs Bredin explained that the CNC would continue to offer both its automatic and selective aids to animation, as well as its tax credit measures. Upper limits were increased in 2013 from €1 million to €4 million for the domestic tax credit, and €4 million to €10 million for the international tax credit.

Marc Vandeweyer, General Director of Cartoon, shared impressive figures based on an undergoing economic survey and on the Lumiere Database from the European Audiovisual Observatory. The number of animated feature films produced in Europe on an equal period of 14 years, before Cartoon Movie (1984-1998) and after Cartoon Movie (1999-2013), has been multiplied almost by 5, from 76 films to 361 films.

For the same period of time, the audience for European animated features in Europe has increased tenfold, from 20 millions to 220 millions.

The first day of Cartoon Movie has filled 750 animation professsionals with colourful images of the most recent projects being cooked backstage. Some of the films are rooted in history but are also autobiographical, like "Funan the New People", telling the struggle of a mother and her child during the Khmer Rouge revolution in Cambodia, or "Chriss the Swiss", about the murder of a Swiss journalist in Croatia, a film directed by his own cousin.

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