Second Day at Cartoon 360 Online

Second Day at Cartoon 360 Online


Today's series of pitches walked us through a great deal of creativity. The full range of transmedia has been explored from smart fiction to fanbase on TikTok, and Immersive experience to VR or Comic book as a spin-off!

  • "Get Making" introduced us to 6 young makers and to the concept of "STREAM" via a flawless presentation.  
  • "Shangri-La" seduced the audience with a full spectrum of transmedia experiences that are each an ambitious project in itself.
  • "My Flatmate, the Salmon" intrigued with its absurd universe leading to a more profound exploration of moods and feelings – developed into an interactive app!
  • "Post Monsters" tapped into the success from the established brand "Om Nom" to deliver a funny and renewed experience.
  • "King Wray" delivered a compelling pitch with a stunning visual environment.

At the end of the day, the case study of "Subway Surfer" by Sander Schwartz (from Sandman Television and Films - USA) brought a lot information: how they went from a video game to an animation series, explaining how they retained the DNA of the game while developing the series, showing how they created a real phenomenon combining games with animation, TV show and licensing.

To summarize: that was another great day at Cartoon 360. Looking forward to the last day!


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