Second Day at Cartoon Springboard 2020 Online

Second Day at Cartoon Springboard 2020 Online

Astrocatastrophe / Kubrick and Paramecium / Fortune/Misfortune / Agent B. and Spy D.


Our second day was just as prolific as the first one, with another series of 8 projects ranging from educational content to adult entertainment:

  • Elementaria - Whaletales (EE) – Polina Minaeva (RU)
  • Astrocatastrophe - Cardel Entertainment (IE) – Claire McLoughlin & Carla Mooney (IE)
  • Kubrick and Paramecium – Almudena Sancho & Roberto Bianchi (ES)
  • Fortune/Misfortune – Marco Bambina, Elisa Bindi & Alessandro Fogu (IT)
  • Back to Nature - monströös (DE) – Ana Maria Angel (CO)
  • Disbalance – Vuk Vulicevic (RS)
  • Agent B. and Spy D. – Ninar Al Himdani (FR)
  • Urban Bourbon – Zsófia Csánki (HU)

Young talents bring up new worlds, new perspectives which are sometimes fun, sometimes dark.

It's a great pleasure to watch so many interesting pitches and to hear the passion of these young animators devoted to their project.