Welcome to Cartoon 360 in Barcelona!

Welcome to Cartoon 360 in Barcelona!


Today, we celebrated the first day of Cartoon 360. Experts, participants, producers, and plenty of projects landed in Barcelona.

After the traditional welcome lunch, we started with a presentation on financing cross-media programmes with Ida Brinck-Lund & Simon Flamank.

During the afternoon, the participants discovered 4 cross-media animation projects:

  • Planet Play by Imira Entertainment
  • Houdini by Dandelooo
  • Joe & Waldo by De Hofleveranciers
  • Krabstadt by Monkey Machine Film

First, the producers pitched their projects and after that, they received from highly experienced digital experts practical advice and helpful criticism. 

The producers have lots of ideas to develop their projects into a cross-media brand: apps, books, games, live shows, ... 

We finished this great day in a relaxed atmosphere by contemplating an amazing view of Barcelona sea port.

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