Welcome to Cartoon Business in Utrecht!

Welcome to Cartoon Business in Utrecht!

Cartoon Business started on Monday 21 March by our traditional Welcome Dinner. The participants established the first contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

On Thursday morning, 120 participants attended the notable keynote of Jacques Bled from Illumination Mac Guff, one of the world’s leading studios for animated features. Jacques Bled reflected upon the creative changes in the animated film industry and offer his vision on the forthcoming business opportunities.

During this 1st day, 13 international speakers (business leaders, experienced producers from small and big companies, broadcasters and new ‘animation’ partners such as toy companies, book publishers, etc.) looked into details at how the fast-evolving animation market is reshaping the business of financing, distributing and exploiting animation programmes. They compared different business models for animation shows on TV, digital platforms, with licensing and merchandising attached. 

Moreover, some producers commented on their strategies (IP development, design and talent-led, executive production, line production, etc.) to exist and succeed at national and international levels in order to adapt to the kids’ ever-changing market. 

The experts also focused on Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands: countries with limited size and/or little public support for the financing of their shows.

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